Marimba Lumina Accessories...

Need a backup supply?

Power supplies ON SALE!!

I've discounted the original power supplies for the Marimba Lumina by 50% from $30! Only $15 each

I also have available a new switching power supply for $50 that is much lighter.

Memory Cards:

$25 each.

Upgrade packages:

Quicksilver CPU upgrade for $400 comes with IC puller and how-to instructions. Installation at Absolute Deviation adds shipping and $50 handling.. To reduce cost, Motherboard only can be removed and sent in and then installation/handling charge is also free.

Mallet Checkup or RE-COVER Foam:

Recovering your mallets is reccommended whenever they start wearing thin or every five years if not played often. Foam does wear out with usage and/or age. There is an instructional video link we can provide if you would like re-cover the mallet yourself. The cost of the mallet foam for DIYer's is $10 per mallet with free shipping in the US. Otherwise $24 service per mallet will get you a new covering and a checkup to test for broken coils.


Cases are not currently available, but a Custom "Colorado Case" can be ordered from Colorado Case Company and if delivered to Absolute Deviation will eliminate the handling fee from shipping.

Shipping and Handling:

Add $10 plus cost of FedEx ground to each package